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By BlackBeltPanda » 3 months ago
Thanksgiving Sale
Thanksgiving is right around the corner so from now until November 27th, everything in the store except Sponsor is 50% off!

Updates since the last announcement:
  • Fixed not being able to remove half stacks from furnaces
  • Fixed not being able to shift-click items into furnaces
  • Fixed not being able to move items in a furnace by right-clicking with a stack of items
  • Fixed Cargo Output Nodes ignoring frequencies/channel IDs
  • Fixed duplication exploit with Slimefun blocks and pistons
  • Fixed some talismans not working correctly
  • Possibly fixed Cargo Output Nodes turning into CSCoreLib heads
  • Improved memory usage and fixed memory leaks with Slimefun
  • Increased overall performance and fixed random bugs with Slimefun
  • Fixed duplication exploit with automatic inventory deposit and Shulker Boxes
  • Fixed claiming townblocks in a radius with "/t claim <radius in="" townblocks="">" in Towny</radius>
  • Fixed all furniture that had messed up rotations as best I could
  • Replaced the Fridge, Bench, and Mailbox (now renamed to PostBox) furniture with entirely new models.
  • Added inventory to the Fridge, PostBox, and KitchenCabinet furniture.
  • Modified the Desk furniture with a new chair and keyboard, cutting out hundreds of armor stands, and made the new chair dye-able.
  • Made the seat in the PaddedChair furniture dye-able.
  • Made the Fireplace furniture light-able by right-clicking it.
  • Fixed several missing Furniture recipes.
  • Fixed the "There is already a piece of furniture at this location" error when placing furniture in the same spot a previously broken furniture was located.
  • Changed furniture purchases to apply to all servers and updated players' furniture permissions that have already been purchased.
  • Fixed receiving a broken case key when purchasing a rank.
  • Fixed the /top, /jump, /back, and /fly vote rewards.