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By BlackBeltPanda » 8 months ago

May's Sale is here! Until May 15th, Enjoy 40% off ALL Skyblock Ranks and 30% off several other items, including:
Since the last announcement, the following updates have been made to the server:
  • Fixed breaking double-chest Collectors
  • Dollies now work with Trapped Chests
  • Spawners no longer spawn Baby Zombie Jockeys or Baby Zombie Pigmen Jockeys
  • Mobs spawned from Spawners no longer have AI
  • Increased several mob spawning parameters to make mobs spawn more often
  • Fixed typing "?" in chat throwing an error
  • You can now toggle various types of inventory sorting with "/autoinv"
  • You can now FastCraft Sieves
  • Cargo Nodes should no longer randomly lose their inventories
  • Cargo Nodes should no longer randomly turn into CS-CoreLib Heads
  • Cargo Nodes' Round Robin mode should no longer favor one inventory over the others
  • Fixed Pickaxe of Vein Mining applying Fortune to Iron/Gold
  • Fixed Talisman of the Anvil
  • Fixed Shulker Boxes being depositable into Backpacks. If you already deposited some, hover over them in your Backpack and press a number key (0-9) to insert it into your hotbar.
  • Fixed Backpacks being able to be put into Backpacks by pressing 0-9.
Things I'm (still) working on now:
  • Better Player Shop system
  • Economy overhaul
  • More custom items, like Wooden Barrels and Crucibles, for a SkyFactory-like gameplay.
  • BedWars or SkyWars
  • Towny - Almost done!
  • Prison
  • Creative
  • Lots more!